Common Complaints About The Car Insurance Industry

Automobile insurance is a necessary evil. It protects policy holders in case of a car accident by providing payment for vehicle body repairs and treatment of personal injury. It also protects the uninsured drivers, allowing financial coverage in case of serious bodily injury. There are many complaints from drivers regarding the automobile insurance industry. Most of those complaints are valid. The following is a discussion of several reasons as to why so many experience animosity toward automobile insurance companies.

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Excessively High Premiums

It seems as though the premiums that most car insurance companies charge their clients is not justified related to the quantity or monetary value of insurance claims. One of the most common complaints comes from younger drivers. temp car insurance (details available from premiums are often so high for teenage drivers that it is simply cost prohibitive for them to insure a vehicle. Those young drivers typically have to rely on parents for assistance paying the car insurance bill and often work long hours while attending school. The seemingly arbitrary age of twenty five is about when experienced drivers generally start to feel some relief in the form of reduced premiums. Even experienced drivers that have incurred no major traffic violation charges and have filed no automobile accident claims with their insurance company are often plagued by high premiums. The cost of keeping an automobile adequately insured causes some drivers to under insure their vehicles or allow their temp car insurance policies to lapse. This can lead to financial and legal difficulties if and when they are involved in a serious automobile accident.

Poor Customer Service

It seems as though automobile insurance companies are all to eager to collect their premiums by their stated deadlines or terminate the policy or charge excessive fees for late or missed payments. These insurance providers are also known for notifying state departments of motor vehicles immediately upon any insurance violation which can result in suspension or cancellation of vehicle registration and the imposition of large fines. A common complaint among auto insurance policy holders is the difficulty and resistance that is experienced when attempting to rectify or dispute a claim. Policy holders can be shuffled around among impersonal insurance staff members before receiving a satisfactory resolution, if ever. Poor customer service and a general lack of regard for the policy holders’ concerns has long been a complaint about the automobile insurance industry.

Inferior Auto Repairs

Automobile insurance companies are known for ordering vehicle repairs using inferior vehicle parts and maintaining relationships with auto body repair shops that perform substandard work. This practice is financial beneficial to vehicle insurance companies because, in many cases, they are only required to ensure that a damaged automobile is repaired to an extent that is consistent with minimal legal standards. This reduces the financial obligation of the car insurance companies and allows them to inflate their profit margins.

While most drivers accept the mandatory requirement of paying temp car insurance as being a part of the right to own and operate a vehicle on public streets, it does not eliminate the fact that the excessively high premiums, poor customer service and inferior auto repairs places a financial burden on many car insurance policy holders and provokes a general feeling of animosity toward the auto insurance industry.


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